SOU-012 Azure Arcons

​SEAL Team 12

"Hope from Well Aimed Agression"

Edward McQueen

​SEAL Grade 6

Sniper Certification

Engineer Certification

Major Hayes Award

​Curzon Award

Aerospace Certification

Curzon Award Winners

(Community Service)

Mike Calhoun

Edward McQueen

Jeff Stucker

April McQueen

Christopher Gibson

Mary Stucker

Pamela Meadows

Kiera McQueen

Seal Team OIC

Fleet Captain Ed McQueen

Starfleet Special Operations is a little extra flavor of elite military units and agents merged into the Starfleet mentality. We have SEALS, Rangers, Intel, Recon and MACOs. We use the same ranks as Fleet but Add the option of Agent levels. A SpecOps Agent can increase their standing at their leisure through completing Starfleet Academy courses that have been predefined for each level. There are no preferences as far as affiliations, Wanna be a Marine and join Spec Ops, Great, want to be Klingon or just a Fleeter? All are welcome. For more information check out the Special Operations Website here.

Jeff Stucker

SEAL Grade 1

​Curzon Award

Agent Achievements

Seal Team DOIC

Major Jeff Stucker

Mike Stanton

Intel Officer Grade 1

Unit Awards

Mike Calhoun

​Seal Grade 1

​Curzon Award