Awarded 2016 & 2017 Naval Unit Citations - USS Valiant

The USS Valiant is a meeting chapter of STARFLEET: The International Fan Organization in the Kansas City Metro area. 

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In 2016, Valiant and the Dark Knights have collected 402 pounds of food for the hungry!

Come see us and let's exceed that atPlanet Comicon 2017, April 28-30!

​Visit our friends at  KC Geeks and Fleet 31.

Defiant class escort vessel of the 12th Fleet of STARFLEET International.

Captain: Mike Calhoun   Executive Officer: Ed McQueen

255th Marine Strike Group/SpecOps: OIC: Michael Naas, DOIC: Chris Gibson

USS Valiant NCC-74210

Awarded 12th Fleet's Shakedown Chapter of the Year for 2015

​We have been, and always shall be, your friends. Godspeed Captain Bain 

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