Cody Bain/CD2

Kiera McQueen/CD2

LCDR Michael Stanton II

Tactical Chief

Pave Zodiac Medic

LCDR Beth Calhoun

Planet Comicom KC Harvesters Food Drive

​April 28-30, 2017

USS Valiant Commissioning - Stardate 270782.059


LT  Crystal Rodriguez

2017 Target Time Meeting

XO/Chief Engineer/MACO OIC-

Fleet Captain Ed McQueen

Ensign Will Johnston


​LTCDR Cristina Thompson


1LT Pamela Meadows


LTJG Robert Ritter

 Chief Science Officer

Commanding Officer, Captain ​Mike Calhoun

​2016 Region 12 CO of the Year

LTJG Jennifer Goerke Communications

​STAR TREK: The Ultimate Voyage in Topeka

Photo credits: Topeka Capitol Journal, Notes and Nerds

Petty Officers

Debra Nickelson, Hedy Tick,  Jeanne Knapp, Peter Henry, Paul Scharff,  Tyler Habiger

Security Officer

​Lt CDR John Wyatt

Chief of Security/Marine DOIC

​Major Chris Gibson


​Klingon Ambassador/Da'Har Master Kragtowl Epetai-Trekkan

The Valiant meets the 2nd Weekend of every month with few exceptions for Holidays.  We dock at  1630 hours at various locales for food, muster, trivia, and camaraderie. We are honored to act as an Ambassador Class escort Cruiser for Starfleet, Sol Sector .

1st Anniversary Party

Early meetings, "Prelude to Axanar" presented to KAG, KC Comic Con

Comms Officer

LT April McQueen

Calendar of Events


December 9: Valiant Anniversary/Holiday Party and White Elepehant gift exchange - CO's Quarters 1700 hours. Don't forget your Toys-for Tots!


January 28, 2018: Blood Drive III: The Search for Doc. 1300-1500 at 5502 NW Clubhouse Dr. KCMO, 64152. To sign up, Contact Colonel Naas through the Valiant FB page.

Feb 10: Academy Night and final Costume prep for Planet Comicon. Skipper's quarters. 1630 - ??

Feb 16-18: Planet Comicon and general meeting in the Cosplay area. Teaming up with the Star Wars clubs for the Star Alliance food drive.

USS Valiant Events/Crew Past and Present  Page


​Captain Dale Thompson

Planet Comicon KC Harvesters Drive

May 20-22, 2016

CMO/Marine OIC

​LTCOL Mike "Doc" Naas


LTJG Ian Wepprich -

(Harcort Fenton Mudd III)

​2016 Region 12 Enlisted of the Year

Academy/Game night & ST Beyond Premiere

Chaplain/SEAL DOIC, Major Jeff Stucker

2016 ​Region 12 Officer of the Year

LTJG Madison Spencer Operations

Second Officer

CDR Mary Stucker

Past and Present ​Officers and Crew