Lieutenant Tyler Habiger

Helm Officer

Admiral Kragtowl Epetai-Trekkan

Klingon Advisor to Captain Calhoun

SCPO Paul Scharff


Lieutenant Commander April McQueen


Fleet Captain Mike Calhoun

Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Pamela Meadows

Assistant Chief Engineer

Commander Michael Stanton II

Tactical/Weapons Officer

(and Sith Lord)

Commander Mike "Doc" Naas

Chief Medical Officer

This is the Ambassador Class Starship ,USS Valiant  - Flagship of Starfleet, Sol Sector - 3rd Fleet. Sol Sector is an independent Star Trek fan club, united by their love for the show and movies.

3rd Fleet, Sol Sector Commander Fleet Captain Mike Calhoun

LCDR Beth Calhoun

Aide-de-camp to CO

Command Staff

Acting Ensign Kiera McQueen


Major Chris Gibson - FGF

Chief of Security

LTJG Harcourt Fenton Mudd III


Shuttle Pilot Extraordinaire

LCDR Jeff Stucker


LT Jennifer Goerke

Science Officer

 Commander Mary Stucker

Second Officer

Commander Madison Spencer


LT Crystal Rodriguez


Captain Ed McQueen

XO/Captain of Engineering